Excellence Begins with Knowledge

At Solgar, training and education are part of our brand DNA and The Solgar Academy is an online learning hub giving you access to the best in Solgar’s training and education resources 24/7.


Whether you want to brush up on your anatomy and physiology, learn about a new product or stay abreast of the latest research, Solgar Academy can help you keep up to date and stay one step ahead.

Now with the Solgar Academy Learning Hub we can provide more training to more people through:

  • E-courses
  • Webinar recordings
  • Lecture Recordings
  • Training Manuals
  • Product Guides
  • Nutrition
  • News

Solgar Academy puts Solgar’s Nutrition and Education Department at your fingertips.

Solgar Academy is also optimised for smartphones and tablets so you can access it anywhere, anytime.


Points, Badges & Rewards

As you complete the various different types of training you
Solgar_Academy Detailer_Earn Badgeswill be rewarded with both points and badges to credit and recognise your achievements.  Once you achieve 50 points you will be awarded with one of the below Solgar products:

  • Formula VM-75
  • Beta Glucans & Elderberry Immune Complex
  • Balance Rhodiola Complex – Suitable for Vegans

Then for every 100 points that you achieve thereafter you will receive another Solgar product from the list below:

  • Full Spectrum Curcumin
  • Wild Alaskan Full Spectrum™ Omega
  • PROBI® 20 Billion
  • Omnium® 30 size
  • Vitamin D3 2200 IU (55 µg)
  • Ester-C® Plus 1000 mg Vitamin C
  • Ultimate Bone Support
  • Solgar® 7
  • Formula VM-Prime® For Women
  • Reishi Shiitake Maitake Mushroom Extract

Solgar_Academy Detailer_Badges


We provide free monthly webinars for both retailers and practitioners on various topics and products along with the regular appearance of guest speakers.  You can attend webinars live where you will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the speaker, however the webinars are also all recorded so if the time is not convenient for you then you can watch them on the Solgar Academy at your leisure.


E – courses

E-courses are made up of short units that can be completed relatively quickly, so they are
an easy to fit into a busy schedule. You can use these to Solgar_Academy Detailer_Course
gradually build up your knowledge in particular areas such as digestion or the immune system. The interactive units are not only a great way to acquire knowledge, but also show you how the information can be applied in a practical setting. No matter how much time you have available we have courses which range from 15 to 90 minutes with three difficult levels (easy/medium/hard).

The E-courses are split into 14 categories:

  • Daily Wellbeing
  • Digestive Wellness
  • Energy
  • Heart Health
  • Immune Health
  • Sleep & Stress
  • Sport & Fitness
  • Brain & Eye
  • Children’s Health
  • Joint & Bone
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Skin & Beauty
  • Anatomy & Physiology

Product Guides & Training Manuals

The Solgar range comprises over 400 products and we have developed a number of comprehensive product guides and training manuals to guide you through the large number of products available to support your customers and clients.


In addition to the badges and points you gain for completing virtual training on the Solgar Academy Learning Hub you can also be credited for any learning you do in the real world. Sessions with Solgar Trainers, Workshops, Lecture Tour Events and Masterclass attendance will all gain additional badges and contribute to your points total. For example:

Solgar Masterclass attendance: 50 points

Lecture Tour attendance: 20 points

Face-to-Face Training Session: 10 points

One hour Live Webinar attendance: 10 points

Lecture Tour:

For more than 20 years, the Solgar lecture tour has been a mainstay of the services offered by our Nutrition and Education department. Both retailers and practitioners have annually attended an evening lecture presented by our Nutrition and Education Director on various health issues relevant to your customers in store or your clients in a practice setting. To make this accessible to as many customers as possible, we aim to lecture in various regions throughout the UK and Ireland and to also make this available on the Solgar Academy following the event.

Solgar Masterclass:

Our flagship education event, The Solgar Masterclass provides a platform for eminent guest speakers to share some of their considerable expertise. Typically, these events take place over a one or two day period and have proven to be hugely popular with retailers, practitioners and those in the world of complementary health. Renowned past speakers include retail expert Mary Portas, Dr Richard Passwater, Dr Michael Murray and Dr John Briffa. These much sought after speakers are considered leaders in their respective fields, and for many, the Masterclass provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear them speak and interact with them.  The Solgar Masterclass is an opportunity to update your knowledge on a wide range of subject matters, as well as network with other like-minded professionals.  For those who cannot attend in person, The Solgar Masterclass is recorded and available to view on the Solgar Academy.

The Solgar Academy Community

We can all learn a lot from each other by sharing ideas and knowledge and you can interact with other Solgar Academy members via the academy forums and blog posts such as these.

News & Research

There is overwhelming amount of new research on health and nutrition being made available daily.  Solgar’s Nutrition & Education Department review all the latest studies and scientific research so you do not have to,  providing this information in an easy to understand format.

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